What can be framed?

Artwork: Paintings, pastels, charcoal, pencil drawings, plans, maps, prints, watercolour, photographs etc.
3D objects: Coins, Medals, football shirts, collectibles, special presentation items.
Fabric: Stitchwork, tapestry, rugs, silk and silk paintings, batik,  tea-towels etc.
Dry Mounting: We can dry mount photos, prints etc as required for framing or display.
Poster, Pictures, Prints, Photo are laminated by Hot Press vacumn press machine. 




Presentation to improve the image, to increase value.



Turn precious keepsakes into framed memory heirlooms.



















Purpose:  For presentation to improve the image, to increase value.



 - The purpose of the mat is not only to enhance the artpiece, but also serves as a spacer between the art and the glass.
 - Mats come in many different colours and texture.Besides paper mats fabrics like silk is also highly suitable to be used as mat borders.


Framing of:

    - Prints, mirrors, plates, limited editions, map, certificates, oil paintings, needle work & embroidery, dimension art, reproductions, original arts…








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