FILMOPLAST SH cotton fabric tape self adhesive 20mm x 25m roll Neschen

The strength of the cotton fabric and of the adhesive make Filmoplast SH ideal for hinging art to mount and backing board. It is also it useful for other tasks in the picture framing workshop

+ Thin cotton tape 170 g/m², fine thread, sized, tear-resistant, white

+ pH neutral acrylate pressure-sensitive and acid-free adhesive

+ Solvent, acid and phthalate free, ageing-resistant, non-yellowing, permanently flexible acrylic adhesive.

+ The textile fabric is highly tear-resistant, environmentally friendly and biologically degradable

+ On roll with silicone-paper release liner

FILMOPLAST SH Cotton tape self-adhesive  20m x 25m roll Neschen



FILMOPLAST P90 PLUS Self Adhesive Paper Tape 20mm x 50m roll by Neschen

Acid-free 50 g/m² hinging tape, special white paper, extra strong self-adhesive permanent

+ For hinging larger and heavier pictures, photographs and prints to cut mounts and to backing mountboards

+ Ideal for dust sealing of frames, mounts and glass/art/backing sandwiches

+ Acrylic adhesive is solvent free, acid free and phthalate-free

+ Ageing-resistant, pH-neutral, non-yellowing, permanently elastic and is permanent. The adhesive gains strength overnight

+ Gummed tapes can be risky to use with giclee inkjet prints because of their water sensitivity. In such cases the self-adhesive P90 Plus is a much safer alternative

+ Passed Photographic Activity Test, PAT, according to ISO 18916

+ On roll in dispenser box with silicone release liner

 Made in Germany

FILMOPLAST P90 PLUS Adhesive paper tape 20mm x 50m roll by Neschen



Neschen Filmoplast T Self Adhesive Cloth Tape Grey 31mm x 10m

Passe Partout Cloth Tapes. High quality self-adhesive textile tape, acid-free, 240µ. For covering bevels of mounts, or hinging face mount to backing board.

A traditional use for this type of tape is for sealing a glass, print and backing board together, to make the simplest frame possible. 31mm x 10m and 50mm x 10m rolls.



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